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Hi, I’m Chef James Makinson

I learned how to cook from my father, Chef Jim Makinson.

He was classically trained in French cuisine, won many awards, cooked in many prestigious places, and was an Executive Chef for more than 40 years.

I started learning how to cook from my father at the age of 5 years old. I started cooking professionally at 14 years old in our family-run restaurant in Friday Harbor, Washington.

I tried to cook with him every chance I got.

chef james makinson

My work…

I have worked for many years in the culinary industry. I have cooked in many prestigious places in the US and Europe.

Including places such as Berners Tavern (The London Edition.) Hotel Arts Barcelona, Spain, and La Rotonde (Casino Le Lyon Vert.) Lyon, France.

I have continued training under Michelin Star Chefs: Chef Jason Atherton, Chef Phil Carmichael, Chef Jean-François Malle, and Chef Antonio Saez.

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